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When I was young I wanted to be either a chocolate engineer or an alien. By the time I had grown up, I realized that if I became a chocolate engineer, I’d quickly turn into a round ball of chocolate myself, incapable of doing anything but loving chocolate. So I started to think about the second plan, which was being an alien. My first step was moving to another land, a land I didn’t know anything about. After living there for a while I realized that to be an alien, I didn’t have to keep moving from one place to another, invading different lands; all I needed to do was to be different from everyone else, different in the way I live and in the way I express myself. I think through art one can be a full-time alien: you can and must be creative in every single moment of your life.   


Throughout the years, I learned to express myself through photography and developed a great passion for it.    I discovered that I love to create stories and show others the weird and poetic world I keep inside of me.   One thing about photography that really interests me is that a photographer captures only a few small moments out of the millions and millions that flash by endlessly. It is, in fact, because they pass by so quickly that it’s important to capture them. And between these vast varieties of energies and feelings that set our endless world in motion, it is the stillness of these captured photographs that reminds us just how unique and precious every single moment is.


Photography forces us to be more aware and conscious of the world around us. It pushes us to observe and wonder rather than look and pass by. And it gives us a medium to tell our stories.  My photography is your window into the big weird world of a crazy little girl.

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