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My Story

"When I was young, I dreamt of becoming either a 'chocolate engineer' or an 'alien.' But as I grew, I realized that a life dedicated to crafting chocolate might transform me into a literal ball of cocoa, leaving me incapable of anything but adoring the sweet treat. So, I embarked on a different path – that of being an 'alien.'

My journey began with a move to an unfamiliar land, a place shrouded in mystery. Over time, I learned that being an 'alien' wasn't about physical displacement but embracing a unique way of life and self-expression. Through the medium of art, I've become a full-time 'alien,' constantly crafting creativity into every moment.

My artistic canvas spans video, installation art, and photography, nurtured by a Bachelor of Honors in Fine Art Cultural Studies from York University. Through my art, I shine a spotlight on vital human rights issues, with a particular focus on women's rights, refugees, and immigration. I believe that art is the most powerful form of awareness, a means to amplify the voices of the voiceless.

The Toronto art community first recognized me in 2016, when I graced the cover of Now Magazine for my 'Girl Talk' project, a part of the Nuit Blanche festival. In 2017, my work found a permanent home at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Beyond local recognition, I've been featured in national and international media outlets such as CBC, The Cord, The Creator Class, Canadian Art, BOOOOOOOM, Toronto Guardian, NOW Magazine, BlogTO, and Vice.

Yet, my impact extends beyond headlines. Esteemed academics like Kim Rygiel, Bree Akesson, and Alison Mountz have recognized the power of my work. Together, we've explored the depths of my inspirational art and photo series, 'Call My Name,' which casts a poignant spotlight on the lives of children affected by war.

Amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I discovered a newfound passion for film and video production. My film, 'And The Sun Someday,' has graced screens at various festivals, a testament to my diverse artistic talents.

My journey continues to evolve, a testament to my unwavering commitment to raising awareness through art. In a world where headlines fade quickly, I aspire to capture the essence of the extraordinary in the ordinary, always reminding us of the unique and precious nature of each passing moment."


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