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invisible tattoos 


Invisible Tattoos is a psychedelic photography-based installation. This project is about the interconnection of memories and imagination. Memory is a fascinating part of our minds. When something happens to us, or when we witness something, an image is hacked into our minds like a tattoo; a tattoo that not only can be seen but also can be felt, smelled and heard. As time passes by it will change, just like any other part of our minds, and it will change over and over until it is completely unrecognizable and sometimes even nonsensical, yet somehow still familiar. Memories often come with stories and what is better to represent stories than our eyes. Eyes tell stories, stories that are hacked into them with a spot of invisible ink, and are not seen but felt by the others. This project is made of three hundred photographs that the artist took over the fourteen years that she has lived in Canada and they are mixed and projected into the eyes of the people that she has met here. The intention is to mix her memories with the essence of those of the others and create a common dream together. 

"Invisible Tattoos" was presented at Nuit Blanche Festival in Toronto in 2017. This project was a photo-based installation art. In this project, the audience would see be photos on individual lightboxes, and in the middle of the room, there was a big lite globe that had people's eye photos on them. the intention of this photo was to make the audience gaze into these photos, and see more mashed photos into one photos.   

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